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I love my curator

Insert for Art magazine SIKSI, stickers an shirts, 1993


Project for magazines, with Brindfors agency, Stockholm, 1993

The Birth of…

The Birth of Liquid Anxieties, 2001 Video loop, diabas, with Jeanette Christensen Yokohama 2001

The North is Protected

The North is protected, Venice 49th Biennale, 2001 Petteri Nissunen, Tommy Grönlund, Leif Elgren, Michael Von Hauswolf and Anders Tomren

Whites only

Whites only, 1991 car paint on fiber board

Representation 01

Representation, car paint on fiberboard, 2001 -2002


“Sorry” 2004 – 2011, edition 10 Gold, engraved text

Free Space

“Free Space” Parking sign, Finish Lappland, Hyrynsalmi, Kiasma Collection, 1993 Steel/neon sign

Summer sculpture

Summer sculpture 2005, Oslo harbour, 2005 epoxi on wood and aluminium

Untitled, 2003-4, video for 4 walls, loop

Video for 4 wall projections, 2003 -2004,  edition 2